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Your Guide to Our Fresh Handmade Pasta

The easiest way to enjoy authentic, homemade pasta is to let us do the work for you.

Simple, versatile, and delicious — fresh pasta should be a staple in every home cook's repertoire, whether you’re seeking easy weeknight meals or a dinner party crowd pleaser.

The best part? Enjoying authentic, home-made pasta doesn’t have to involve much time and planning on your part. As Thornbury’s local pasta factory, our mission at Pastificio Sandro is to turn your home into a gourmet Italian restaurant by making it easy to cook and share fresh pasta around your table.

We make our pasta from scratch every day using Australian durum semolina and age-old techniques from Italy, combining our two passions; the food of our heritage and ingredients from local producers.

For us, homemade pasta has importance beyond taste. It’s a labour of love. That’s why our chefs are rolling, folding, filling, and cutting dough in-store five days a week — think of us as your personal pasta factory.


Explore plenty of varieties with our versatile selection.

We have all kinds of shapes in our cabinet, starting with fresh cut classics like Tagliatelle and Egg Spaghetti. Regulars will be familiar with our signature Bottoni. If you’re new here, we highly recommend starting with the famous ‘Botts’. They’re joined by an ever-changing range of innovative filled pasta varieties — including ravioli in all kinds of flavour combinations.


Need gluten free pasta or vegan options? We always have something in our selection for people with dietary requirements. The beauty of buying food made from scratch is that you know exactly what goes into it. We’re dedicated to making it taste just as good (if not better) than the original.

Develop your pasta education or fulfil your foodie fantasies with regional specialities, including shapes you’ve probably never heard of before.

To make life even easier, our ready-made meal selection includes everyone’s favourites gnocchi and lasagne, plus a regularly rotating pasta special (conchiglie, canneloni… you name it). If you’re having one of those weeks where you can’t even fathom boiling the water, these heat-and-serve options are perfect.

enjoy authentic, restaurant-quality, homemade pasta at home

Elevate your dishes with Sandro’s deli.

It doesn’t stop with the dough. Our pasta factory supports local artisans and producers around Melbourne and greater Victoria. Behind every plate of Pastificio Sandro pasta is an entire community. To us, provenance is paramount. From Victoria’s smallest licensed salami maker to a cheese-making family dynasty, discover our city’s culinary gems.

We put lots of care into sourcing the quality ingredients you need to prepare a gourmet pasta dish at home, including the right sauce, cheese, and pantry essentials.

Highlights include bolognese as good as Nonna’s and a cacio e pepe paste that tastes like pure indulgence. Think Focaccia to mop up the sauce, cultured butters, Parmigiano Reggiano, anchovies to garnish… And even our own Pastificio Sandro x Kyenton Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you’re really chasing that restaurant ambiance, ask our team for their wine pairing suggestions.

From weeknight to weekend, whether you’re keeping it simple or getting creative in the kitchen, Sandro’s shelves have you covered.

Behind the dough: recipes and other essentials.

If it’s inspiration you seek, why not try one of the nourishing recipes we share on our website and social media? Or, if your main skill set is eating and drinking, come dine with us at Prova.

We also sell a range of cookbooks in our store (tried and tested by our team of course) from Paola Bacchia’s Italian street food bible to Jaclyn Crupi’s ultimate pasta manual. If you’re dedicated to making the pasta yourself, we stock all the tools and equipment used by our chefs themselves — including pasta cutters and ravioli stamps. To hone your skills, we run pasta-making classes and workshops for all skill levels.

Elevated tastes, simple execution

Pastificio Sandro makes home cooking easy for those who have a taste for the finer things in life. Prepare restaurant-quality dishes with handmade pasta — while letting us take care of the hands-on part!

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